Party Ideas

Make Your Pajama Party Extra Special

Check out a few of our ideas to inspire your students. Get creative – the sky’s the limit!

Create a Contest

Consider a friendly competition — between grade levels or schools — to see who can get the most participants and raise the most money.

Color Me Happy

Print out this festive Pajama Day coloring page for a fun activity to do the day of your event and you’ll have a colorful keepsake to remember the event.

Breakfast All Day

Ask the cafeteria to serve breakfast for lunch or dinner that day to keep the PJ-day vibe alive.

Make it a Movie Night

Host a kid-friendly movie night at your school or community center and invite guests to wear their pajamas. Sell movie tickets and concession stand snacks.

Guest Readers

Host a reading hour at your school and invite guest readers from the community to share their favorite books. For older children, consider inviting kids to read silently for a set period of time.

Pajamas & You: Making a Difference

Make the most of your school’s Pajama Day event by fundraising for young patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.