Fundraising Tips

Social Media

Utilizing social media is an easy and effective way to fundraise. Share your story and fundraising page link via Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn, and don’t forget to use #CHOPPajamaDay.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser
On average, a participant raises 3 times more when creating a Facebook fundraiser!

Create Instagram Stories
Download or screenshot any of the below templates to share via your story. Use our stickers – search “CHOP Pajama Day” in the gifs tab of your story. Link your fundraising page to your story.

QR codes
Create a QR code linked to your fundraising page.

Follow + Tag

Use hashtags to CHOP’s official social media accounts in your posts:
Facebook – CHOP
Instagram – @childrensphila
X (formerly Twitter) – @childrensphila
LinkedIn – CHOP

Templates / Samples

Social Media Posts, Texts and Emails

Whether asking for donations, recruiting potential members to your team, or thanking your supporters we have sample communications within the three sections below to help get you started:


Social Media Posts


Support me at my school’s Pajama Day! I’m raising money to support care and treatment for sick kids at CHOP. Every dollar helps!

CHOP is on the cusp of life-changing discoveries for sick kids. You can fast-track this research by supporting my school’s Pajama Day, a fun day for a great cause!

I’m partying in my PJs for Pajama Day in [month]. Please donate and help me reach my fundraising goal!



Social Media Posts


I’m partying in my PJs as part of my school’s Pajama Day. I want YOU to join me and support my school’s efforts to raise funds to support sick kids at CHOP!

I need your help! Join my Pajama Day team and together, we can raise funds to support sick children at CHOP.


Thank You

Social Media Posts


Thanks so much for supporting Pajama Day at my school! You are making a true impact on the kids at CHOP.

Thank you for supporting our Pajama Day party! With your help, our kids are learning important lessons about the value – and reward – of helping others.



The Pajama Day logo is available for use by participating teams seeking to bolster their fundraising efforts. Logos may be used on team T-shirts, social media posts and print materials. If you have any questions, please contact BEFORE USE.

NOTE: CHOP’s Pajama Day logo should always be used as shown. Do not modify the color, logo, font, symbol or text lock-up.